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We have designed, developed from the ground up, and released over 41 apps and made improvements on many more!
Are You Bored!? - Activity Cards

Are You Bored!?

Fun activity cards to do when you are bored!

COVID-19 Daily - Daily Summary Updates

COVID-19 Daily

Daily summary updates for the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) for new and total numbers of confirmed, deaths and recovered cases.

Fire Hydrant Manager -

Fire Hydrant Manager

Fire Hydrant Manager was designed for fire departments to quickly and easily catalog, inspect and maintain fire hydrant operational data.

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StickrMe -


Easily add fun stickrs to your photos and share them instantly! Now with over 1,700 objects you can add to your photos! Drag and drop stickrs and objects on to your Stickr Canvas, and share, anywhere!

Inventory Control System -

Inventory Control System

Inventory Control System is a full featured inventory management system complete with an online admin dashboard.

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Bam!Cam -


Instantly capture photo and video ops at the Tap-Of-An-App. No more fumbling through several settings, just launch to snap and record.

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Aerial Camping - Discover Campgrounds from the Sky

Aerial Camping

Share and Discover Campgrounds from the Sky! Aerial Camping is the only community of it's kind; a community-driven photo sharing service geared toward aerial photography and camping.

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Boilers Cast Net -

Boilers Cast Net

Developed as a timer for some secondary foods within a crawfish or crab boil (corn, mushrooms, potatoes, asparagus, Brussel sprouts, sausage, shrimp and macaroni), along with recipes and facts about your favorite boiled foods.

AutoDrive Desktop Manager -

AutoDrive Desktop Manager

AutoDrive automatically tracks your drives. AutoDrive Desktop Manager lets you easily add cars and drivers and edit your drives!

AutoDrive - Automatically track your drives


AutoDrive automatically tracks your drives.

iTherapySC - Horse -

iTherapySC - Horse

iTherapy Horse turns your smartphone into a medical device to help relieve your horses� pain and emotional conditions such as aggressiveness, anger, loss of love, and fear through ultra- sound frequencies applied through your headphone bud to �Active

iTherapy SmartCure - Dog -

iTherapy SmartCure - Dog

iTherapy Dog turns your smartphone into a medical device to help relieve your dogs' chronic pain and Emotional illnesses such as aggression, anger, fear, claustrophobia, depression, and loss of love. It uses healing sound frequencies through your headphon

iTherapySmartCure FREE -

iTherapySmartCure FREE

TherapySmartCure turns your smartphone into a medical device that may reduce pain and symptoms of many health conditions by treating Acupuncture points on your external ear with sound waves - through your headphones!

iTherapySmartCure -


iTherapysmartcure turns your smartphone into a medical device that may relieve pain and improve many health conditions. It uses healing sound frequencies through your headphone bud to treat painful body areas and Ear Acupuncture reflex zones. Doctors prac

Montblanc e-Strap -

Montblanc e-Strap

The Montblanc TimeWalker Urban Speed e-Strap combines wearable technology with fine watchmaking. For the first time, you can wear a mechanical timepiece with useful digital functions.



The CONNECTED WATCH app gives you complete control over your COOKOO (SW V1.4.xxxx) and COGITO connected watches by enabling you to manage your Connected Watch notification settings, snap a picture remotely, and control your music.



Manage your home, work and social communications on the go. Select the notifications you want to appear directly on your wrist. Control your devices remotely with the press of a button. Do all this and more with the COOKOO Life app.

COOKOO - Time to Connect


Stay connected anytime, anywhere with the COOKOO watch - the wearable extension of your smartphone that helps manage your connected life!

Normal 2 Insane - Pics -

Normal 2 Insane - Pics

Dare you not to laugh! Make super funny pictures in a snap.

Cuptakes Frames -

Cuptakes Frames

Sometimes you want a photo right on your lock screen! And, sometimes you want to dress it up in a completely unique way to complement and match your style! With Cuptakes Frames you can add your best photos inside the exclusive Cuptakes designs and do it i

Cuptakes - desktop wallpapers for the girly girls -

Cuptakes - desktop wallpapers for the girly girls

Cuptakes is here to beautify the look of your Mac desktop by providing you with an exclusive girly girl selection of specially designed backgrounds.

Cuptakes - wallpapers for the girly girls


Cuptakes is here to beautify the look of your devices by providing you with an exclusive girly girl selection of specially designed themes and backgrounds.

Wedge - Everyday Utilities app


The goal of Wedge - The Customizable Widget System, is to be a 1-stop app for all of your daily utility needs.

Mobile Scanners - Your Local Emergency Radio Feeds

Mobile Scanners

Gain access to over 3000 live community hosted feeds from all around the United States, Australia, Canada, Chili, Puerto Rico and over 200 feeds from the NOAA Weather agency.

inSured - Inventory My Property


Don't be caught off guard when the unimaginable happens. Inventory your property for insurance purposes!

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iCarbons - Wallpapers to match your gadgets


iCarbons.com offers protection for a wide array of gadgets with style! Trick out your home screen and lock screen!

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#nowplaying -


#nowplaying is a Mac OS application that takes the currently playing song in iTunes and, with the help of a remote web application script, puts that song on your website.


QuitUnexpectedly -


QuitUnexpectedly notifies you if an app unexpectedly quits (crashes), either due to crashing or memory consumption (or whatever the case), then gives you the option to either re-launch the app or dismiss the alert.

PowerLock -


PowerLock sits on your Lock screen and allows you to toggle low-level system settings. Unlock, Respring, Safe Mode, Turn Off, Reboot, Airplane, Data, Bluetooth, Location, WiFi, Volume, Brightness.

FlashCam -


Quick access to your iPhone 4's LED flash, utilizing it as a flashlight, as well as quick access to a camera app from the Lock Screen. Several Camera apps are supported, including Instagram and Camera+.

PowerCenter Pro -

PowerCenter Pro

A powerful plugin platform host for the iOS 5 Notification Center. PowerCenter Pro comes with 8 plugins - About, Battery, Comm, FlashCam, Power, Screen, Settings and System Stats and much more!

MusicCenter -


Notification Center widget that shows the current track info that is playing in iPod. You can also control the playback of the iPod - back, next, play, pause, stop and shuffle songs.

Mobile Kiosk -

Mobile Kiosk

Mobile Kiosk is the Premier System Information extension for iOS and brings a native popup alert with all sorts of information, from Address Book info to Now Playing info from your iPod to the status of your devices preferences.

Mobile Profiles -

Mobile Profiles

Create custom System Profiles for quick and convenient switching in this feature packed app! Custom user-defined profiles allow for a wide variety of system configurations!

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